DARE Carbon Fiber Technology


DARE cooperates with TORAY and primarily researches and develops Multiple Synthetic Hot-Melted Carbon Fiber-Resin (HS-HMC prepreg), which utilizes ultra-low FAW-(Fiber Areal Weight) (g/m2). In brief, the thickness and weight of DARE HS-HMC carbon fiber prepreg is half that of traditional carbon fiber prepregs. Accordingly, layers of DARE carbon fiber stacks are virtually doubled under the same wall thickness to increase the strength and number of angles in the lamination design. While weight is reduced, torsional resistance for the body is increased comprehensively to achieve optimal stiffness.


DARE develops an aerospace dedicated high modulus carbon fiber M series (M30/M40/M46) for the lamination design of bicycles while other bicycle vendors focus on high tension carbon fiber T series (T700/T800/T1000). To illustrate, M series carbon fiber is characterized by large torsional resistance. In addition to providing the optimal deformation resistant frame pedaling stiffness, property of shock absorption comfort is also retained. It is similar to giant wings, which require both high stiffness and high toughness, which cannot be achieved using only high tensile force carbon yarn (T series).

In order to obtain high intensity and high impact/torsional resistance for a frame, DARE employs expensive T1000 and M40, M46 carbon fibers for lamination over different sections of the frame. Light weight coupled with optimal strength for body provides high stiffness and torsional resistance to achieve optimal pedaling efficiency.

With these two components, DARE frames guarantee your safety and provides the best output performance.


'Sigmatex carbon fiber' with its special contexture (fish scales-like) provides the benefits not only includes light weight and good performance, but also gorgeous texture.

Professional Manufacturing Technology

Superiority + Craftsmanship

Computerized Precise Cutting

Each DARE frame is constructed of portions of carbon composite prepreg of specific different sizes after precise computer calculation. Shapes for carbon fiber lamination are designed according to strengths required in different zones of the frame. An electronic cutter is used to cut out unnecessary portions to create the lightest frame possible without compromising strength and stiffness. These carbon fiber yarns with precise calculation will facilitate to efficiently structure top grade frames.


The main frame tube is made of stacked and rolled carbon fiber yarn pieces in conjunction with multiple levels of precise measurements to control the outside diameter and weight of each tube. For such zones of BB (Bottom Bracket) and head tube with complex shapes, carbon yarns fit over the curved surface and the main frame tube is joined by using CORESHELL double inner membrane preform technology, such that inner wall of frame is perfectly smooth, allowing for close and robust carbon yarn lamination.

In-Mold Preform

DARE carbon fiber products such as frames and forks have to be generated through a strict molding process. A preformed frame should heat to a temperature up to 150°C and an ambient pressure (both internal and external) of up to 15 bar conditions in order to fuse and cure polymer resin into carbon fiber filaments completely before curing. We then pass the product through a dedicated cooling machine resulting in a DARE carbon composite product with optimal strength and light weight.

Examination with High Specification

High quality is an essential requirement for DARE!
All bikes have to be measured precisely prior to painting, because DARE regard pedaling efficiency and bike body stiffness as the soul of a frame. Here, all data with respect to frame/front fork will be applied to the bike itself.

Precise Manual Spraying

General mechanical spraying cannot cover blind spots inside frames completely. Thus, mechanical spraying over these blind spots will cause excessive paint on the bike. In the interest of decreasing weight, each frame is sprayed by an experienced artisan in order to cover the entire frame with the least amount of paint, and provide the best aesthetics.

High Strength Test

DARE always considers the requirement of riders as priority. The safety of our riders is also critical to DARE!
Prior to production, all products have to pass a series of destructive tests. Each frame has to undergo a fatigue test, a compression test and an impact test. The bike must pass the severe EFBE conditions without incurring any damage. Therefore, DARE increases the criteria of all test items by 20% to guarantee safety for our riders.