Let’s ride to the moon

Date posted: 10/28/2015 11:18



DARE held a bike-riding activity with Xin-media (& Xin-girls) at Moon-world (a special geographic landscape in Kaohsiung, Taiwan). After launching this event, hundreds of participants enrolled enthusiastically and quickly much more our anticipation. This activity is 70km road-riding that allow participants to both view the beautiful scenes and challenge themselves on the way to the “moon”.

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The most special of all, DARE provides 6 DARE-bikes (2 VSR & 4 MR1) for participants to test-ride during their journey.

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After that, they showed satisfied and delight smiling and replied that they can ride much faster and easier.

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In the end of the ride, there’s a recreation in the lunch time. DARE also provided fruitful gifts such as carbon handle bars, jerseys and t-shirts for participants to get some souvenirs back.


Are you that lucky person?

lunchtime5 lunchtime4 lunchtime3 lunchtime1

(Above images are provided from Xin-Media)