Dare Spirit

Challenge yourself. Have fun with DARE.

“We know how to develop a bike that is close to perfection.”

We are bicycle enthusiasts who are also bicycle
developers with many-years of experience,
strong product knowledge and development of technology.
We display professional judgment and havebuilt a human factor engineering database.
So, why not challenge our self-expertise and ability by creating a brand that is able to develop a bike close to perfection? With this in mind,

in 2011, DARE was founded.

Top-class Materials

With a decade of experience, we have come to understand that producing a top-grade bicycle requires top-grade carbon fiber material to enable riders' performance to be enhanced in a state-of-the-art, aesthetic manner from the inside out. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching and testing the newest technology in carbon fiber production. We never hesitate to utilize this technology in frame production in order to achieve the balance between speed and comfort.

Practice makes perfect

We believe that ‘practice makes perfect’. A Medal of Honor is only given to fighters who have experienced and overcome every formidable challenge. Likewise, a perfect bicycle is born through a series of tests and checks from design and material to fabrication and painting. Each step needs to meet our rigorous standards for getting the qualification of acceptance.

Inspire your desire to challenge

Through trusting our abilities, we dare to be pioneers of utilizing new technology to challenge perceived impossibility. It is our expectation that we can develop every new product better than its predecessor. Thus, we would like to stimulate this attitude around the world for the people who appreciate our brand, trusting in themselves that they too can be better than ever.

DARE to be different.

Encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, challenging their abilities and facing new difficulties to improve themselves. ‘Challenge yourself to have fun with DARE.’

Close to nature

We engage in many types of activities in order to inspire people's hobbies that are close to nature and further protect it.

Willing to share

We dare to share the best in cycling and contemporary knowledge with the public because we know that we will keep moving at the forefront of market. Thus, we expect that customers will also be proud to be seen on their bikes because they know that DARE is a trusted and excellent brand.