Team UKYO Announces 2016 Sponsors

Date posted: 02/19/2016 17:03

Japanese UCI continental cycling team “Team UKYO” announced its team members and sponsors last Sunday. It’s delighted that our Japanese representative, AKI Corporation, is one of the supporter of the team, and DARE sponsors TSR as TT Bike frameset.

To introduce,
the team name UKYO comes from the owner’s name, Mr. Ukyo Katayama, who is well known as a Formula 1 racer. And he’s devoted to raise young professional riders since his retirement. He mentions that “We’ve gotten thirteen victories and ten defeats. And three times victories of personal title for four years. We’ve just started and I’d like my team to attend the tour de France in the future. I’d like my team not only become strong enough to win the victory, but also have passion and Samurai spirit.”

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