TSR is produced in order to gain more time DARE
minimizes aerodynamic drag coefficient, maximizes pedaling efficiency,
and optimizes design for optimal seat chamber adjustment space.
The purpose is to achieve constant success.


DARE has spent more than two years in R&D to produce TSR.
We strive for a time under UCI 3:1 regulation,
employing a variety of air intake angles to achieve
the optimal air resistance performance from 0°, 2.5°, 5°, and even to 12.5° with respect to side wind!

HIA Horizontal Inline Aerofoil

In order to balance hydromechanics and air turbulent flow for forward motion, DARE has developed a way to provide downward pressure for positive airflow. The upper edge of the front fork crown is aligned with the rear stay wind breaking wing in design. The airflow passes through the front fork crown to the rear stay generating downward pressure to improve stability of the rear triangle, improving pedaling revolution efficiency.

AWF Aero-wing Fork Blade

AWF is integrated with a braking design to create a concise air intake profile on the bike head. In compliance with UCI, TSR configures the front brake steering behind the front fork steering axle. In conjunction with the front fork braking outer stopper, wind is guided to flow along the bike body for reduced air resistance.

+40% WBI Wind Blade Integration

Without increasing weight, the frame and the front fork are combined integrally, allowing for 30% turbulent flow reduction as wind flow on the head tube front fork, while the volume on the upper edge of the front fork is increased to improve lateral stiffness by 40%.

TSIC Total Synchronized Integrated Cable Routing

TSIC as an innovative comprehensively integrated internal routing system conceals the derailleur cable and brake within the frame completely from the aerobar through the stem and frame to the front fork. In addition to perfect compact profile, turbulent flow and interference from cables for time trials are both configured to minimize air resistance.

IHSP Integrated Hidden Seatclamp

The integrated hidden seat post is combined with the top tube integrally. In the interest of pneumatics, the compact top tube is shaped as a blade to provide a stunning visual effect.

HRB Hidden DM Rear Brake

HRB hidden rear brake covers the Direct Mount V caliper brake on the bottom of BB to minimize air resistance. In conjunction with a direct pulling brake, the efficiency of the most direct braking is provided, together with the capabilities of brake adjustment and rear wheel quick-release.



TSB Transformer Stem Bar

Followed up UCI 3:1 regulation but still giving you the maximum adjustment range. DARE engineer team developing the multi adjusting stem and handlebar combination with frame/fork layup together. TSR offer best fitting range for each rider have best riding ergonomics.

DARE intends to provide the best riding seat chamber and manipulation settings. The original vendor provides three types of aerobars as option, including I bar, S bar and J bar. This is innovation for a triathlon time trial! The best riding settings can be configured conveniently and rapidly when your TSR is configured.
*Optional S-bar, I-bar and J-bar are standard configurations! TSB integrates a stem-handle bar system to provide various extended lengths and angles for use in conjunction. Based on the UCI 3:1 regulation, more adjustment spaces are provided for the integrated system used by TSR, such that riders could configure the best riding posture with respect to ergonomics without feeling uncomfortable during a long-term race.

ABAS Aerodynamic Battery Ready Adjustable Seat

ABAS integrates an adjustable seat clamp with 75° to 80° of variable seat post angle to provide the best riding posture configuration in conjunction with an 80 mm ultra large seat chamber front/rear adjustment space. In conjunction with a removable rubber DI2 seat post based battery holder, concise body appearance is kept.

M/M Mininum Weight Maximum Intensity

M/M Minimum volume/ Maximum stiffness concept.
Minimization equals to maximization. Computer simulation is employed for computation of the optimal tube diameter to find out the optimal outer diameters of the tubes in each part of the frame. In conjunction with the carbon fiber lamination design, the maximum strength may be achieved with the smallest weight.
Also, the latest carbon fiber hollow molding technology is utilized to minimize weight for obtaining the maximum stiffness to weight ratio, keeping very high flexibility and stiffness-torsional resistance. The TSR down tube is based on a 3:1 tube shape specified in UCI. The drip pipe cross section is corrected in conjunction with CAD (Computer-Aided Design). AeroBoxing Oversize BB can keep a very high flexibility and stiffness-torsional resistances under high speed revolution.

AOB AeroBoxing Oversize BB

TSR AeroBoxing Oversize BB utilizes PF86.5mm wide axle BB to aid in profile design and a 3:1 down tube is joined with BB to maximize space! Therefore, very high flexibility and stiffness-torsional resistance remains under high speed revolution during pedaling to provide TSR with the best stiffness and pedaling output efficiency.

IDBS Integrated Bearing Drop System

RAC hidden steering, stem steering limiters allow riders to keep the bike forward when walking the bike in race, so the handle bar can be prevented from colliding with the top tube due to the deflection of the bike head.

APT Asymmetric Power Transfer zone

“APT” Asymmetric Enhanced BB (Bottom Bracket) System The Latest APT frame design element is embedded in DARE. Asymmetric design elements are introduced into the seat tube/lower left fork sections. Generally, right transmission will output larger pedaling force for BB to deform and deflect leftwards. Therefore, the tube diameter is enlarged in the non-transmissive lower left fork zone for the MR1 to cancel the deformation due to the right force output by outputting 100% of pedaling force to the wheels to achieve the optimal stiffness and pedaling transfer.

BB86.5 W86.5mm Pressfit BB

DARE is pioneering the use of full carbon fiber to form 86.5mm Shimano BB (Bottom Bracket) specification directly and eliminates the extra weight of traditional thread type metal BB shells. In comparison with traditional narrow BSA 68mm or BB30/PF30 BB, BB 86.5mm expands to a maximum volume, implementing the idea that the larger the BB volume, the better the stiffness. In conjunction with Coreshell inner mold core smooth technology, the most efficient output is achieved for pedaling stiffness and torque transfer. Moreover, BB 86.5mm is also compatible with an SRM powermeter, so it is not necessary to worry about any interference problems resulting from enlarging the BB.

RAC Rotating Angle Controller

RAC hidden steering, stem steering limiters allow riders to keep the bike forward when walking the bike in race, so the handle bar can be prevented from colliding with the top tube due to the deflection of the bike head.

Unique Carbon Techology


CORESHELL Inner Mold Core Smooth Technology

Coreshell inner mold core smooth technology forms complex zones such as BB (Bottom Bracket) and head tube shapes with a special inner mold, it not only allows a smooth inner wall of the frame for tight and robust carbon yarn lamination, but also improves stiffness of frame by 15%.

MS-HMC Multiply Synthetic Hot-melted Carbon Fiber

DARE cooperates with TORAY and primarily researches and develops Multiply Synthetic Hot-Melted Carbon Fiber-Resin (HS-HMC prepreg), which utilizes ultra-low FAW-(Fiber Areal Weight) (g/m2).

In brief, the thickness and weight of DARE HS-HMC carbon fiber prepreg is half that of traditional carbon fiber prepregs. Accordingly, layers of DARE carbon fiber stacks are virtually doubled under the same wall thickness to increase the orientation and number of angles in the lamination design. While weight is reduced, torsional resistance for the body is increased comprehensively to achieve optimal stiffness.

In order to obtain high intensity and high impact/torsional resistance for a frame, DARE employs expensive T1000 and M40, M46 carbon fibers for lamination over different sections of the frame. Light weight coupled with optimal strength for body provides high stiffness and torsional resistance to achieve optimal pedaling efficiency.

With these two components, DARE frames guarantee your safety and provides the best output performance.




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