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Appropriate size meets the requirement for having fun
Selection for the gemometry of frame and the diameter of wheel is no longer a problem to trade-off.
This is the proportion that best fits Asian riders.
The first DARE 27.5" Hardtail MTB will bring you to gallop around mountains.

650 B 650B Wheel system
650 B 650B Wheel system

In comparison to conventional mountain bikes with 26" wheels, the 27.5" can not only achieve flexibility and small weight comparable to the 26" style, but also gains climbing performance rivalling the 29" style. There is wonderful break-through capability in riding without the stumbling issue of a 29" wheel on large detours, so that your safety is improved significantly on forest trails.


ATS Agileness Tube Shape

The X650 dedicated ATS design modeling concept originates from a stealth fighter design, having the upper fork as a wing with plenty of battle respiration.
With the use of a top tube and upper fork integrated arc, the front triangular angle between the top tube and down tube is decreased. In addition to an agile frame with tube geometry, appropriate height for rider to stand is also allowed. Moreover, better rigidity is provided for frame in conjunction with a 420 mm ultra-short rear chain stay to allow for absolutely agile controllability!

M/M Mininum Weight Maximum Intensity

Minimization of weight equals maximization of intensity. Computer simulation is employed for calculation of optimal tube diameter to determine the optimal outer diameters of tubes in each part of the frame. In conjunction with the carbon fiber lamination design, maximum strength is achieved with the smallest weight. In addition, the latest carbon fiber hollow molding technology is utilized to minimize weight for obtaining the maximum stiffness to weight ratio, and maintaining very high flexibility and stiffness-torsional resistance.

142mm X-12 system & 135mm Quick-release system
ISIS International Standard Integrated System

Our innovative integral lug replacement system is practical for either a 135 mm traditional skewer or a 142 mm pulling-through rear axle system.

TDT 1 1/8 - 1 1/2 Taper Doctangle
IBDS Integrated Bearing Drop System

The DARE dedicated integrated pass-through gear-changing internal cable system allows for smooth routing, improves efficiency, and has clean appearance for ease of maintenance. It also accommodates DI2 mat gear-changing.

DI2CR Direct Integrated Internal Cable Routing

The DARE dedicated integrated pass-through gear-changing internal cable system allows for smooth routing, improves efficiency, and has clean appearance for ease of maintenance. It also accommodates DI2 mat gear-changing.

PS2 Arch Support Shadow PM Direct Disc Mount

The X650 dedicated direct lock brake boss is designed in the rear left triangle skillfully to improve braking force when the disc brake operates in conjunction with the reinforcement base.

ICC Integrated Chain Catcher Ready

The thoughtfully integrated safety design of DARE prevents strip material from detachment when changing the big disk position for riders to pedal without worry!

BGS Bump Guard Shell

Protecting the body from impact in riding is no longer a feature owned by downhill bikes!
The X650 is configured with a BGS class carbon fiber protection patch pasted on the the body ensuring that you do not have to worry about the down tube striking a rock in riding any more.


MS- HMC Multiply Synthetic Hot-melted Carbon Fiber

DARE cooperates with TORAY and primarily researches and develops Multiply Synthetic Hot-Melted Carbon Fiber-Resin (HS-HMC prepreg), which utilizes ultra-low FAW-(Fiber Areal Weight) (g/m2).

In brief, the thickness and weight of DARE HS-HMC carbon fiber prepreg is half that of traditional carbon fiber prepregs. Accordingly, layers of DARE carbon fiber stacks are virtually doubled under the same wall thickness to increase the orientation and number of angles in the lamination design. While weight is reduced, torsional resistance for the body is increased comprehensively to achieve optimal stiffness.

In order to obtain high intensity and high impact/torsional resistance for a frame, DARE employs expensive T1000 and M40, M46 carbon fibers for lamination over different sections of the frame. Light weight coupled with optimal strength for body provides high stiffness and torsional resistance to achieve optimal pedaling efficiency.

With these two components, DARE frames guarantee your safety and provides the best output performance.

CORESHELL Inner Mold Core Smooth Technology

Coreshell inner mold core smooth technology forms complex zones such as BB (Bottom Bracket) and head tube shapes with a special inner mold, it not only allows a smooth inner wall of the frame for tight and robust carbon yarn lamination, but also improves stiffness of frame by 15%.

BB 92 W92mm Pressfit BB

DARE is pioneering the use of full carbon fiber to form 92mm Shimano BB (Bottom Bracket) specification directly and eliminates the extra weight of traditional thread type metal BB shells. In comparison with traditional narrow BSA 68mm or BB30/PF30 BB, BB 92mm expands to a maximum volume, implementing the idea that the larger the BB volume, the better the stiffness. In conjunction with Coreshell inner mold core smooth technology, the most efficient output is achieved for pedaling stiffness and torque transfer. Moreover, BB 92mm is also compatible with an SRM powermeter, so it is not necessary to worry about any interference problems resulting from enlarging the BB.



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